Brian Omen

Shores of Awareness

Young dreamer Brian Omen joins the Intercept label! We’re proud to announce his debut EP “Shores Of Awareness”. Across five thought provoking tracks, the Dutchman explores deeply introspective and interplanetary sounds that have you questioning everything. 

Rather unusually, Omen chose to write Shores Of Awareness in GarageBand iOS on his phone. He aims to conjure transcendent soundscapes that probe at what it is to be human, all while drawing on a primal rhythmic instinct that pulls you ever deeper into his world. This is Omen’s first proper solo release after putting out a deep and dynamic techno banger as Oppo Bala with Atilla the Hvn back in January. Under his own name he explores very different musical territory that draws on intimate late night conversations with friends as well as feelings of disorientation, the echoes of caves and muted tones. 

As a genuine lover of many forms of art, Omen takes cues from all over the creative world, and it shows. ‘Divine Child’ has a rare spirituality in its celestial synths and pure sense of melodic beauty. ‘Arbor’ then soundtracks an ascent through the stars as a gorgeously, painterly synths are made to fizz, to shine, to glow harmoniously or get smeared in all directions while you gaze on in wonder. There is a sense of finality in that track which is flipped into a more optimistic outlook on ‘Caloris Montes’ with its serene strings and airy pads, then ‘Appeasement’ moves on a rubbery rhythm peppered with tribal percussion that is both ancient yet futuristic. This most thoughtful of EPs closes with ‘Assuage,’ which feels like a celebration of life as all consuming chords sweep you up and glistening arps light up the sky all around you. 

With this stunning debut, Brian Omen manages to probe at deeply cerebral subjects with a rare musical skill that makes them accessible to anyone prepared to engage.

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