Future Static

This summer, multidisciplinary producer, designer and 3D artist Raynor de Groot serves up Future Static, his debut full-length on Atomnation / Intercept as Coloray. More than simply a collection of music, the record will be presented in an all-new virtual space where each track is a portal to a different world. 

Dutchman de Groot has proven himself as an accomplished conceptual artist who draws together many different creative fields. He has released everything from lush synth-pop to deep techno, and has real songwriting ability. 2019’s ‘Can’t Stop’ in collaboration with Eagles & Butterflies proved that as it crossed over multiple scenes and became one of the year’s standout tracks thanks to support from heavy hitters as diverse as Hunee and Four Tet. ├éme & Dixon have also regularly supported Coloray’s music and asked him to release ‘Gazing Eyes’ on their Innervisions label. 

Two years after his Real Life Cinema EP on Atomnation, Future Static finds de Groot open a new chapter that explores a more conceptual sound. The album “translates the concept of man and computer creating a new reality where logic and emotion seems to be at odds with one another.” Its 12 tracks have club-ready grooves, but also exquisite synth designs that are edgy and uptempo. They will be translated to a live show and interactive music experience in VR, on your phone and desktop. In the show, online visitors will be able to get lost inside the mind of an AI and watch and interact with a Coloray performance. 

The album opens with the intergalactic ambiance of ‘Center Of The C#’ before the bright chords of ‘Broken Mirrors’ welcome you into your new reality. Pained vocals seem to yearn for something lost, but that is soon forgotten on ‘Echoes’ with its crashing breaks. A bright, lively and optimistic lead synth takes you onwards towards the dystopian meltdown of ‘Line Break I.’ ‘Face of Value’ rebuilds with a chunky groove and surging bassline while vocals bring a sense of humanity. 

There is a trance-inducing euphoria to ‘New Moon +’ that leads you to feel elevated, then ‘Line Break II’ encourages you to take in your reality as it suspends you amongst crystalline pads and lush sci-fi sounds. ‘Kill The Ego’ has a darkened mood, with menace in the percolating bass and tension between the drums and synths. This ambitious album plays out through the cyborg techno funk of ‘Digital Abyss’ and ‘Moire’, and after ‘Line Break III’ acts like an intense ambient reboot, ‘Resurrection’ sends you off on a hopeful electro lullaby. 

Presented with an artfully designed gatefold sleeve, Future Static is a groundbreaking project from Coloray that pushes creative boundaries while offering an immersive listening experience. 

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Remco van Dun & Raynor de Groot


Remco van Dun


Raynor de Groot


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