Let It Break

Talik follows up her critically acclaimed ‘Cold Silver’ EP with another offering for Intercept. After releasing on 3024 and Pressure Dome, ‘Let it Break’ ventures further into the world Charlotte Denman has sculpted for herself, cementing an aesthetic that floats between a dream state and waking up with eyes wide open. A sound largely influenced by nature, her background in yoga, combined with a love for the UK’s leftfield electronic scene. 

The opener ‘Don’t Look Else You’ll See’ is a perfect example of what makes Talik tick. The floating pads, off-kilter drums and water-like fx sounds make for a great introduction in the next chapter of Talik’s story. 

Title track ‘Let It Break’ uses alien-like synth work combined with vocal chops, a swampy bassline, breaks-inspired drums, and big sound fx to build a world that on one hand feels technological, but on the other strangely organic; a feat that Talik has shown in her work to date. 

‘Dust Masks The Silence’ further builds on the flow of the previous two tracks, interchanging the colour for something that’s less saturated but still very playful. We’re taken on a conceptual trip into the inner psyche of an artist showing her strengths in each corner we take. 

‘When an Iris Blooms’ finishes the EP, showing a more gentle side to the story of the EP. The raw drums are interchanged for choirs, soothing synth work, and percussion bathed in reverbs and delays. It closes off the EP perfectly, cleansing the listener in the process. 

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Art direction

Remco van Dun & Raynor de Groot


Remco van Dun & Rebecca Gilpin


Moving Sound


Moving Sound