Silent Talking / White Divide

There’s an air of mysteriousness surrounding Bing. Originally landing in our inbox as a package of demos, the music immediately made a question pop into our heads: who is this person?

‘Silent Talking / White Divide’ is Bing’s first offering for Intercept. The hyper-detailed production style, combined with spacious vocal chops, bubbly synth work, and rumbling basses, make for a striking contrast that feels at home somewhere between head-in-the-cloudsbreaks and earthbound techno.

The two tracks showcase just that. A-side ‘Silent Talking’ is the dreamy sibling of the two. Light-footed, airy grooves are combined with melodic lines that float between the grooves, never truly landing, keeping the dancer moving forward in upward momentum. The track has gotten a special ‘Silence’ treatment by one of Intercept’s first artists: French II.

With ‘White Divide’, Bing takes you back to the ground again by using trip-inducing rhythms and synths to shake you at the core, resulting in a bodily experience that shows that Bing has ambition not to only make music that’s memorable by the ear, but also by the senses.

So who’s Bing? Someone to surely keep an eye on for the upcoming years.

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