Cold Silver

We proudly welcome Talik with a first EP that makes an immediate impression. Cold Silver features four tracks of rhythmically inventive electronic music with a wide sphere of reference. 

Talik is UK producer Charlotte Denman, who is making her production bow after a year spent honing her sound in various states of lockdown. Talik takes influences from time spent living in Berlin, Hackney and Brighton, alongside her past years at university in the Midlands amongst projects such as Watch The Hype. 

Often starting a track on the piano before moving to Ableton, Charlotte works with various field recordings, manipulates a wealth of different sounds and then organises them into cavernous, atmospheric tracks for body and mind. All of that is evident in the richly constructed tracks she offers up on this EP. 

Opener ‘Cold Silver’ is a tense and dystopian piece with thumping broken beats and whirring machines, loopy leads and plenty of textural sonic effects that mean the whole track brims with life. ‘Can You Feel It Spark’ taps into late night dance floor energies with a haunting lead synth and scraping hits all unfolding over vast, lurching beats and bass. ‘When The Air Runs Dry’ is an accomplished ambient track with a grainy, rainy wall of sound punctuated by shards of light and hope, while closer ‘A Fazed Gain’ shuts things down with reverberating bass and a nebula of scraping, glitching, dripping sounds that is offset by a more smooth and serene chord sequence. 

There is a duality to each of these tracks that finds beautiful tension between light and dark, harsh and soft that immediately marks out Talik as an essential new producer. 

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Remco van Dun & Raynor de Groot


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