Intercept, a new music collective.




Raynor de Groot
Intercept founder & making music as Coloray.


Koen van Santvoort



Intercept is a record label, design studio, and music collective founded in 2019 by Coloray. The label is run under the wing of Atomnation, one of The Netherlands’ leading electronica labels.

INT001 – Coloray – Stand Up Straight

We are passionate about our DIY approach, with all mixing and mastering done in-house in our Moving Sound Studios. We closely work together with artists who aim to do it differently and don’t fit the standard dance music bill. In a way, we’re focussed on the future of dance music, not the past.

INT009 – French II – Hytune

Within a year since we’ve started, Intercept has grown to a collective family, hosting artists from both The Netherlands and abroad. Soundwise we float between worlds. We’re strongly influenced by non 4/4 rhythms and the experimental side of production, but underneath our ethos is a line to be drawn towards house and pop music. Blending these elements makes the Intercept sound hard to define, but also always in development.

INT016 – Ineffekt – Solaris

So what’s in for us in the future? We never know, and that’s the best way to move forward. As long as we keep exploring new fields and opportunities we’ll be heading towards something greater. Keep an eye out for future projects where we combine art, design, and music even more. For now, thanks for checking us out.