2020 Compilation

We’re closing our 2020 with a 14-track collection of recent label highlights as well as offering up four brand new and exclusive tracks including one from label founder Coloray. In keeping with the 18-month old tradition, we’re proud to showcase a compilation that explores the outer edges of electronic music with an always experimental and leftfield perspective. 

Coloray kicks off with a new track ‘Viewing’ which is a bustling broken beat with emotive vocals stitched into the mix next to soaring string sounds and rumbling bass that makes for a true intergalactic trip. Oppo Bala is a new act from Tilburg made up of Brian Omen and Atilla the Hvn, and they impress with their exclusive offering ‘Stickerbrush Wave’, a deep, dynamic techno banger with an angelic vocal up top and high-speed synth loops and celestial ambiance that makes for a heavenly state of mind. 

Another exclusive comes in the form of a label debut from Axefield, who runs his own Who’s Susan label and has been making moves since 2016 on various labels. His excellent ‘Slug’ has old school breaks layered up with hypnotic leads and fizzing synth textures that really bring the energy. The fourth exclusive is by Ramses3000, who returns to the label after his excellent Ataraxia EP earlier in the year. His cutting edge sound on ‘Aurelia’ is all about drilling bass and drum programming that is overlaid with bright, glistening melodies from outer space. 

The other 10 selections showcase a broad range of extra-dance floor styles released on Intercept in the past 12 months. Tracks from French II, Lewski, Tsepo, Ineffekt, Nina Indi, Ozzy, David Kochs, Baril, and Sam Goku naturally bring this multi-dimensional collection to an end and showcasing a vast array of talents, as well as a unique and contemporary electronic sound we’re looking forward to continuing to build on. 

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Remco van Dun


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