Military Simulations

Utrecht born DJ and producer Lewski is a newcomer to the Intercept family, but you might have heard his name in the past. Throughout releases on Or:la’s label Céad and the club focussed EP’s on De Sluwe Vos’ Patron Records, Lewski has shown himself one of the freshest acts hovering between techno, electro and wave. The gig section of his resumé speaks for itself with appearances at De School, Zeezout, Awakenings, and Twitch. Don’t forget his local club Was in Utrecht where he played his first Boiler Room set (and completely rocked it).

Lewski’s Intercept debut features three songs, each showing a different side of his musical world. Opener / title track Military Simulations comes in with a bang. It’s a straightforward electro cut with a strong melodic bass line that’s supported by aggressive female spoken word vocals. The driving drums combined with the use of space and effects make for a cutting edge club banger that never gets boring. 

Track two, Hexa, switches up the pace with its haunting and hypnotic broken groove, providing support for airy synths and technological FX. The EP closes off with Controlling Mosquitoes, a track that feels at home in slow grooving sets that keep an edge of roughness. The gated 80’s snares, the punk-like vocals in the background and the screeching synths will keep the listener on their feet.

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Art direction

Remco van Dun


Remco van Dun


Jean-Christophe Verweij & Raynor de Groot


Raynor de Groot