French II


French II returns to Intercept with his 4-track EP ‘Control’. After his last “Time / Tracker” EP the Dutch producer goes on to experiment in his signature UK breaks and garage inspired style. This time, however, he extends his creativity beyond those boundaries with an EP that floats between banging beats, futuristic stylings, and emotive melodies. 

Opener track ‘Control’ gets the energy going with a groove that feels like a lovechild between Mr.Oizo’s ‘Flat Beat’ and Floating Point’s ‘Back To Basics’ remix. It’s a track meant for club play, but even at this time, a play at home could make the roof go off. 

The EP continues with ‘Whaha Riddim’, and unlike the name, this track is no joke. With its tribal and hypnotic rhythms, it’s clear that this is a track meant for moments where you’d like to build energy. However, this track is able to deliver a punch all by itself. 

B-side ‘Nothing Is Futile’ is French’s venture into a more emotive side of his music. A raw arpeggio leads the dance in tandem with a choir supporting the underlying groove. The result is an ambient track that’s not soft at all. 

‘Girl Unit’ closes off the EP by taking you to a peak once again. The bass groove is sure to make you bounce, and combined with the calculator-like, futuristic sound effects, it might shed some light on what French II might have in store for the near future. 

We couldn’t be more glad to present his new EP. Make sure to keep an eye open for this main artist of the Intercept family. 

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Raynor de Groot


Frank Klick


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