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Rames3000 selects his six favourite tracks




Raynor de Groot
Intercept founder & making music as Coloray.


Tom Roelofs


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Zimba – Baleka

The story behind this track is weirdly wonderful and unique. Maybe it doesn’t sound like it, but this track is recorded in the Netherlands in 1983 by a band called Zimba, which got started by a musician called Phil Arosa, who fled from Zimbabwe to the Netherlands in the seventies, and his partner Marga. Thanks to Parisian label Nyami Nyami Records this highly energetic song gained a second life when the label decided to re-release this track (together with a sublime remix by the cosmic jazz warriors of The Comet Is Coming). I’m still so in love with Baleka, since the first time I’ve heard it. It seems quite simplistic, with a kind of new wave-taste combined with grooving African rhythms. It touches me every time I hear this.

Ninos Du Brasil – Essengehelo Tropical

Big fan of this tune called Essengehelo Tropical, made by this Italian live duo that goes under the name Ninos Du Brasil. This track is an unheard result where you can hear influences from both punk, industrial techno as Brazilian batucada music. Released by Hospital Productions, who you might know from releases by Vatican Shadow, Low Jack, and Silent Servant, this track is an on-going pulse, led by this maniacal ritual live-recorded tribal percussion. Strangely enough the feel this song gives me is both meditative as uplifting.

Lechuga Zafiro – Tambor Espada (سكين) (feat. C1080)

In the last couple of years, I’ve been influenced by a big amount of great bass producers from Latin America. In my ears, Lechuga Zafiro is one of the leading artists in this field. His productions are highly futuristic and combine an amazing sound design with drizzling percussion rhythms. For instance on this tune Tambor Espada (سكين), which has been released already five years ago, but still sounds so fresh to my ears. The psychedelic rave-like side combined with this weird kind of feeling of emptiness got my pumpin’ every time I spin this record. 

Boa Kusasa – BTTF (feat. Redders)

I can bluntly say this tune has been without any doubt my favorite release of the summer of 2019. The production of this beat is amazing; a twisting tribal percussion beat, with the groove of a grime riddim. The sounds are mystic, but warm and heavenly profound. Combined with the hyped-up raps of mc Redders this tune has proved to be the perfect rewind track.

Mabuta – Fences (feat. Shabaka Hutchings)

Unfortunately, I’m not able to tell you why but some currently some amazing jazz records are poppin’ up at South-Africa lately; for instance the self-titled debut record of the experimental SPAZA. But my favorite release of this scene is from a project called Mabuta, led by Shane Cooper (aka Card On Spokes). I’m in love with those drivin’ drum sounds, subtle electronics, dreamy Rhodes, topped with a signature solo by tenor sax prodigy Shabaka Hutchings. With this funkiness and insane groove, it’s such a unique track; I can best describe this as a treat for your ears.

Gabriele Poso – Awakening

As we’re entering the last track of my selection one thing those tracks got in common is that they’re all percussion-based. No difference with this last track called Awakening, created by the remarkable Italian multi-instrumentalist Gabriele Poso. The song starts of kind of slowly and takes its time to flourish. The dreamy interlude sounds kind of spiritual to my ears. After two minutes the song kicks off with an irresistible soulful groove that makes my wants to enjoy life even more.