Nina Indi’s talks about her ‘Just Somewhere’ EP




Raynor de Groot
Intercept founder & making music as Coloray.



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Hey Nina! First off, welcome to the Intercept Family. How have you been keeping up in these times?

Thanks, guys!

2020 tests our strength, but it’s an interesting time, about which we will tell our grandchildren. I try to stay positive, I believe that love and smiles make the immune system stronger. And the music inspires me. Now I spend a lot of time with my family, walk in nature and enjoy the warm autumn in Minsk.

Coming from Belarus, I have the feeling the sound in eastern Europe is a bit different than western Europe. How would you describe the Belarus sound?

It all depends on the season. Now unpredictable languid, minor sound.

The situation in Belarus has been quite hectic, with protests happening around the country. How are you doing? Are you able to keep calm in these times? What would you like to share about this situation?

Unfortunately, now I can’t tell you what is happening in our country, since any information written by me can be used against me. It’s not easy to abstract away, but we need to think optimistically.

Do you have the feeling this social unrest influences your music? What does making music mean to you?

Usually, music is created with a certain mood, emotional background. The social unrest didn’t pass by, because the creation of my music is my emotional state.

This year you released your debut Intercept EP ‘Just Somewhere’. What can you tell us about your vision behind the EP?

These tracks have been created for several years. With each of them, I have my own story and different life events: the tracks were created in the studio and during my travels, and EP turned out to be different in style.

You seem to lean towards a raw sound aesthetic. What do you use to produce your music? Any favorite synths or vst’s?

Ableton Live, vst synthesizers: Arturia collection, diva, zebra, serum, alchemy.

What is your favorite track of the EP? Could you tell us something about how you made this track?

My favorite track is Complaining. It has melodic parts and aggressiveness, as it reflects my character. It is the most complex in structure track and I wrote it the longer than others.

I remember that I started writing this track when I came back from Berlin. I performed there and was inspired by the atmosphere, city, and people.

You seem to use your voice in your music. Do you have more ambition to do this? Do you ever want to perform this music live?

I didn’t think about it, time will show.

You also perform a lot as a DJ, how would you describe your style? Can we hear this style in the mix you’ve made for Intercept?

Electronic music with breakbeat, electro, and techno elements. Yes, of course, you can hear and even dance while listening!

Lastly, we’re very proud to have you on the label and see what you’re going to do in the future. Could you tell us something more about that?

At the moment my main task is to create music. As Samuel Johnson said: Future is purchased by the present.

Check out ‘Just Somewhere’ via our Bandcamp: