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French II about his all time favourite tunes.




Raynor de Groot
Intercept founder & making music as Coloray.


Koen van Santvoort


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Margot – France 2

Yes, I know it says France 2 and no it is not a coincidence. This is the 4/4 track I fell in love with during my time at Draaimolen. It has a drive like no other track I know, It just keeps on going, building up. It’s so well done! Melancholic to the max as well. The moment we booked the guys at one of our club nights was then super special for Milo (Draaimolen) and me. 

Apparat – Not a Number

This is the first track of the album ‘Walls’. My friend Milo introduced me to this album when I was still into harder styles of music, I think this was a turning point for me. It’s a timeless album and the track ‘Not a Number ‘is very interesting.

Steve Shit – C’mon Yall

This is a record that probably a lot of people forgot about. I think this record has the sickest stomping phase ever. The drums are brutally driving you across the dancefloor. I could march all night to this. Fun fact, a year ago I got a bunch of early hardcore records from a friend of mine and this one was in it. Lovely to have found this track again. 

Royksopp – Remind me

This track is from the Album ‘Melody A.M.’. I found this cd on a market with second-hand goods. When I put it in my car I immediately knew this was a timeless album. The track ‘Remind Me’ was the jam. I normally don’t listen to lyrics that well but I’m more on flow and voice color. But this one is special, the lyrics are poetic with a mysterious touch, they are open for your interpretation. I literately played that track every morning for one year straight. What a jam!

DJ Die – Clear Skyz

This old-school jam has probably one of the best and meanest baselines of all time. This kind of stuff is really what I am looking for in music. Amazing drums, badass baseline, and just a simple but effective arrangement. I guess that is translated in my latest track Hytune. Big up DJ Die, what a don. 

Gorillaz – Busted and Blue

This one has the crying/sad/melancholic type of vibe I love in music. It also holds a special spot for me personally. When we played WAE festival 3 years ago we went there for the whole weekend with the crew. After playing one of the best sets of our DJ career Ernst and I sat down on the camping looking at the stars and playing this jam over and over again, getting all emotional and shit. It defines the beautiful and hard times you have in as a DJ group. Sometimes you are done with each other but you need each other more than you sometimes know:). The most beautiful lyric of the song (also kinda cheesy but lovely) :

’You’re my satellite and I can’t get back without you’