Intercept Mix Series 10

Pyne, real name Lars Dennemans, is a fresh name in Tilburg (the city where Intercept records started). With a big bag of experience he has been prolific in the underground rave scène during the pandemic. Felt like a logical step for us to get this lovely fella onboard for a mix taking us through the realms of breakbeat, uk bass and leftfield techno.


Henzo – For Your Consideration (Sauna Mix)
Korzi – Basmati Bandit
Kouslin – Racket
Sy – 4.3 (Dubrunner Remix)
Jurango – This Better Be Worth It
ISAbella – C’s Dream
Delay Grounds – Glass Refract (Suze Rebuild)
Notte Infinita – Slippery Tuff
Ronan – Sea Cave
Primal Code – AI Calculator
Mata Disk – Down The Slope
Soreab – Cave Walk (Cando Remix)
Avernian & Strick – Hairline Fracture
Esposito – Framing Void
Jossy Mitsu – Turismo
Wladimir M. – Planet E (Skee Mask Remix)
MYKI – Bleeding Tooth
E-Talking – PJ Tribute