Liza Dries


With a literally and figuratively stormy and rainy month closing a long winter in Cologne, Superbloom was built in a turbulent February rush right before spring entered.
Superbloom opens a new life, like birds starting the new day, and ends with a noisy soundscape repeating the same phrases with rising intensity. The title refers to a rare time in early march in California, when wildflowers blossom at the same time

“To certain degree my strength and at the same time weakness is having a tendency to be impulsive and instinctive. ‘being lost in impulsive actions’, was almost a bit of a problem at that specific time. It’s like being bad at chess: I’m always just thinking of the current step, while to be good at chess, you’d need to think steps ahead.

Two weeks after writing the song I’d accidentally sublet my room for the month and went to meet friends in LA, because of finding tickets cheaper than my rent. I shot the music video with Rubee Feagon in LA on an iPhone, where we spit on the lens, creating the blurry effect. We slept in a car, met new people and were basically out of money all the time. It was a time of building impressions.”

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