High Hopes

Ineffekt cleverly approaches sound design with an enigmatic attitude that makes him difficult to pin down and equally hard to ignore. Through a blend of satin vocals, dreamlike melodies and instantly distinctive drum patterns, his productions result in colourful euphoria made for peak-time dancefloors. For his forthcoming EP, Ineffekt has delved deeper into club sounds, with a compelling pop-edge; it’s an eclectic and progressive EP that cements Ineffekt as one of the leading voices in a bubbling hybrid scene.

Speaking on the EP, Ineffekt explains: ”High Hopes is a record that explores the emotional turmoil that comes with having expectations and hopes in life. How sometimes having high hopes means dealing with expectations and disappointment, but that it’s important to keep having these high hopes in life. It’s the first time I looked directly in the mirror, taking inspiration from personal highs and lows. Writing songs that are much more nuanced and less bright than my previous work. The record came together really really fast, within 5 months the whole record was done and we shot the visuals, often when things move this fast my best work comes out. I’m so excited to finally start sharing my explorations in pop, collaboration and a more clubby sound. All of that makes this the start of a new era for me personally.”

Priding himself on drawing from influences that span the full spectrum of contemporary music, Ineffekt’s music reaches for stylistically diverse sounds including breakbeat, techno and alt-pop, as well as hints from a new wave of colourful electronica that has been developing in recent years. Having stirred significant interest in his native country of The Netherlands for his debut releases Kora (Album, 2021) and ‘Catch The Sun / A Blackbird Rose’ (EP, 2022) on Intercept, as well as a string of remixes including Coloray’s ‘Blinded’ and Luna Morgenstern’s ‘Click Work Drop’, Ineffekt is primed to take his pop-flavoured electronica to the masses. 

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